Tips for International Students Moving to Melbourne for Higher Education

As an overseas student in Australia, you are not simply adhering to a new culture and environment; rather you are adjusting to a new education system. Which is no less than an achievement.

If you are among international students who are moving to Melbourne for their higher studies. You are at the right place. We will help you with our best tips to sustain a good life in a beautiful country.

The following are top tips to give you a crystal clear picture of what to expect and how to ace your first semester in your new university.

Save Money on Books

You do not have to spend lump sum money on buying books for your course. Yes, they are essential and everyone must have them for a better understanding of the subjects. However, you need to be smart here. With outsourcing or in simple language, outside help, you can manage to study from other resources than original books, and still manage to crack the exams. Isn’t it wonderful! How? Keep reading.


Every university has a library and so will yours. Therefore, make the most of it. Spend quality time there, make notes of important questions, topics, or units, and enjoy studying via them. However, ensure you are studying from updated resources and not from old ones. The reason is, even the syllabus and units keep changing with the year.

Buy Second-hand

The next useful and smart thing you can do is to buy second-hand books. Well, this trick goes very well with all students and is our favourite hack too. You can contact your seniors, be friends with them, and ask for their books. By doing so, you are saving your money and actually making use of existing resources to their fullest. 

University Study Support Services

Fortunately, Australian universities offer a ton of support services to help your study needs.

English Mentors

If English is not your native language, do not panic! All universities have programs, tutors or mentors to help enhance and upgrade your English skills.

Course Advisors

Reach out to your course advisor prior to making any decisions related to units or your course. Your course advisor is there to assist you plan better for your academic journey.


If you are under stress, nervous, or it gets too overwhelming do not panic. Rather, seek professional help from your university counsellors.

Get Organized

Next important tip is to stay organized, all the time. The reason is, it will become very hard for you to keep track of everything - classes, workshops, assignments, exams, etc. It will crash your brain harder than a Windows XP laptop, which is not funny. You can create a to-do list or make a timetable, or literally do anything to help yourself organise your student life


Write down everything, which is essential to you such as assignment deadlines, exam dates, and class schedules in your planner.

4-Subject Notebook

It saves you a lot of time and effort than jotting down everything in one notebook and later, struggle finding things. Instead, carry multiple notebooks for multiple subjects.


In the digital world, go digital by using apps like My Class Schedule for making a timetable or keeping track of your deadlines and classes.

Reach Out to Peers and Teachers

There is always someone to help you in need. In addition, no one is better than a teacher itself is. Whenever you are in trouble or find difficulty in understanding a subject or unit, go to your respective teacher. On the other hand, make friends. Stay involved all the time and you will feel like a home. Once you are comfortable around, everything will seem sorted and you do not have to worry about anything from there on. 

The Final Word!

In the beginning, being an overseas student can be overwhelming. It can make you feel that you are competing with everyone around you. Which is not true in reality. Just keep in mind the previously mentioned tips and you are good to move to a completely new country for a better future.

For further assistance regarding your student visa, Asia Pacific Group is always ready to lend a helping hand. Reach us today and let us prepare you for a new journey.