A Guide for International Students to Study and Work in Australia

International students choose Australia as a study destination to enhance their professional careers and increase employment options in or outside Australia. Studying and living in Australia can be quite expensive, so the Australian Government, universities, NGOs, etc., offer scholarships, grants, internships, volunteering, etc., opportunities for deserving international students and allow them to work part-time in various industries.

The study visa holders can work unrestricted hours until 30 June 2023 with the current minimum wage of AUD 21.38/per hour or AUD 812.60/per 38-hour week (before tax). According to a recent update by the Department of Home Affairs, the working hour limit has been temporarily relaxed for international students because of the workforce shortage in Australia.

International Students Can Work While Studying

Planning to work while pursuing studies in Australia can be a wise decision taken by international students as it will fulfil their living and education costs. Working in Australia provides financial freedom and helps to gain work experience, become familiar with Australia's workplace environment, improve & build new skills, expand personal & professional network and more which will benefit the professional career.

Those who are on a work visa or working holiday visa are eligible to enrol for the short-term program or course (minimum of 4 months) while working in Australia, but keep in mind that work visa holders may work in Australia for a year but not more than six months under an employer (they need to change their employer after six months). Furthermore, tourist visa holders can study any short course while travelling and visiting their family & friends; but are not eligible to work during their stay (they can do anything but are ineligible to work) in Australia.

In Which Industries Do International Students Can Work Part-time?

There are various industries where international students can work; some of the most common and popular industries are as follows.

Can International Students Do Volunteering and Internships?

Yes! Apart from jobs, international students can also volunteer and do internships in various sectors in Australia, which will help them boost their professional careers and Curriculum Vita (CV).


Volunteering (unpaid activity) with local communities, groups, organisations (profit or non-profit), university alums, and other various sectors will help international students to gain work experience, enhance their personal & professional network, build new skills, etc. Overseas students can volunteer for unlimited hours without restrictions, and the volunteering completion certificate will open various employment options in and outside Australia.


Besides jobs and volunteering, international students are also allowed to take up internship opportunities (paid/unpaid) in their relevant fields. The certificate of completing an internship will boost the CV of the person, which will assist in working in or outside Australia after completing the degree.

Note: If international students are pursuing their studies in accounts, IT (computer science) and engineering from an Australian educational institution. They may apply for Professional Year (PY) Program; it is a 44-week program (32 weeks of formal learning and 12 weeks of internship) providing 5 extra migration points for becoming Permanent Residence (PR) in Australia. It is a great learning and internship option for overseas students.

General Information

International students should be aware of Australian employment rights and workplace rules & regulations. Here are some of the essential general information provided for their understanding.

  • International students have the same working rights as the residents/citizens of Australia.

  • International students must register in the TFN (Tax File Number), which will help to file taxation reports administered by the Australian Taxation Office (ATO).

  • International students will get the same national minimum wage ($ 21.38/per hour) as the residents. Note: If the employer offers a lower salary than the current wage, then international students can put their concerns to the Fair Work Ombudsman (FWO).

  • International students will get edges under the National Employment Standards (NES), such as public holidays, yearly leave, leave for community services, providing fair work information statements, flexible work schedules and more.

Where Can International Students Find Jobs?

There are plenty of employment opportunities in Australia, but finding a job as an international student might be challenging because international students need to familiarise themselves with the Australian culture and people.

To find a job, the students must build their personal and professional network; they can also check job websites, noticeboards, jobs in or outside the university campus, magazines, contact university alumni, etc. It will help international students find relevant jobs according to their financial needs and fields.

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