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This already-popular course is also on a rise amongst many students. Australia does not discriminate the individuals on the basis of their physical abilities, especially when talking about people who are differently-abled. The country encourages such individuals to be a regular part of the society wants to merge them socially and physically with the rest of the group.

There are number of career opportunities for those who pursue this field of applied science. Furthermore, this course also has great job prospects once completed successfully.

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Levels of Educational Programs Available

  • This degree develops the skills, knowledge and individual characteristics among students as well as medical, social psychological and psychosocial traits which help them tackle people who need inclusion in the society and eventually help in their recovery.
  • Course Duration: 4-Year Full-Time Program
  • Eligibility: Completion of 12 years of education or equivalent
  • English Requirement: Academic IELTS with an overall score of 6.0 with no band less than 5.5 in each subset. This may vary from a university to another.
  • Fees: AUD$35,000 to AUD$40,000 per year
  • This degree helps the student who already possesses a first degree in this related field of applied science to obtain professional level qualification at the postgraduate level to practice as an Occupational Therapist. Steady growth is foreseen in this field and would continue in the coming years.
  • Course Duration: 2-Year Full-Time Program
  • Eligibility: Completion of the first level or the Bachelor’s degree in Occupational Therapy
  • English Requirement: Academic IELTS with an overall score of 7.0. This may vary from a university to another but not less than 6.5.
  • Fees: AUD$40,000 to AUD$45,000 per year


  • A valid passport for the duration of the study in Australia
  • Unconditional offer letter from the university or institution
  • Evidence of access to sufficient funds
  • Proof of Overseas Student Health Cover
  • Other relevant documents listed on the Department of Home Affairs visa checklist


Occupational Therapy is PR pathway course with the SOL enlisting this as one the occupations which are in shortage. With the ANZSCO code of 252411, the Australian visa options for Occupational Therapist are following.

ANZSCO CODE: 252411 – Occupational Therapist

  • Assess functional limitations of people resulting from illnesses and disabilities
  • Provide therapy to enable people to perform their daily activities and occupations.
task include
  • Assessing clients' emotional, psychological, developmental and physical capabilities using clinical observations and standardised tests
  • Assessing clients' functional potential in their home, leisure, work and school environments, and recommending environmental adaptations to maximise their performance
  • Planning and directing programs through the use of vocational, recreational, remedial, social and educational activities on an individual and group basis
  • Providing advice to family members, carers, employers and teachers about adapting clients' home, leisure, work and school environments
  • Providing adaptive equipment, such as wheel chairs and splints, to assist clients to overcome their functional limitations
  • Working with other Health Professionals in overall case management of clients
  • Working with other professionals in providing specialist advice to specific client groups such as those requiring driver rehabilitation, third-party compensation and medico-legal representation
  • Recording clients' progress and maintaining professional relationships in accordance with relevant legislative requirements and ethical guidelines
  • 189 - Skilled Independent (subclass 189)
  • 190 - Skilled Nominated (subclass 190)
  • 485 - Temporary Graduate (subclass 485) - Graduate Work
  • 482 - Temporary Skill Shortage (subclass 482)
  • 186 - Employer Nomination Scheme (subclass 186)
  • 187 - Regional Sponsor Migration Scheme (subclass 187)
  • 407 - Training (subclass 407)


Katia Binu

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02 Dec 2022

I was in a really desperate situation with my visa lodging when I arrived at Asia pacific. Arun was the agent who helped me with my case and he did a spectacular job in assisting me with the process. There was ongoing communication and support provided throughout and the whole experience was truly a positive one. Definitely would recommend going with Asia Pacific for visa needs. The whole team is friendly and genuinely eager to help.

Smile Taksal

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05 Dec 2022

Cant recommend Asia Pacific enough. The whole staff is so professional at the their work. They helped me to get enrolled into a PY course at such an amazing price. They're incredibly knowledgeable, genuinely care about you and help you in the best possible way. Highly recommended!


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