A person who is more interested in new discoveries and has problem-solving skills can go for a career in sciences. Despite having comparatively lesser population, Australia is home to some of the best research facilities and has produced some of the world’s top scientific researchers. This discipline is not behind the world when it comes to making discoveries and adding value to Australian knowledge and capabilities.

Sciences is a huge field and most of the specialisations are based on the academic disciplines. Many programs and science departments take a interdisciplinary approach, enabling scientists and students to apply a mix of scientific expertise to solve practical problems.

A person interested in sciences can take up courses like agriculture, computing and information technology, engineering & technology, environmental studies, mathematics, surveying, rehabilitation, medicine, pharmacy, veterinary science, etc.

Here is a brief of Science courses offered by different providers in Australia.

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jaspreet gahunia

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What Do Agricultural, Medical and Science Technicians Do?
  • They perform tests and experiments and provide support to professionals engaged in agriculture, medicine and science including inspecting animals, plants and agricultural produce.


Tasks Include:
  • collecting information and samples and conducting field and laboratory experiments, tests and analyses
  • presenting results in graphic and written form by preparing maps, charts, sketches, diagrams and reports
  • inspecting animals, plants, agricultural produce and facilities to ensure compliance with government and industry standards with respect to quality, health and licensing
  • testing samples of produce for quality, size and purity
  • undertaking and assisting in medical analytical procedures, and assisting Anaesthetists, surgical teams and Pharmacists
  • checking, calibrating and maintaining test equipment
Visa Options for Immigration Per MLTSSL
  • checking, calibrating and maintaining test equipment
  • Subclass 189 (Skilled Independent)
  • Subclass 190 (Skilled Nominated)
  • Subclass 489 (State/Territory nominated)
  • Subclass 489 (NOT nominated by State/Territory)
  • Subclass 485 (Graduate)
  • Subclass 482 (TSS)
  • Subclass 186 (ENS)
  • Subclass 187 (RSMS)
  • Subclass 407 (Training)


This Minor Group Contains Following Fields:
  • 3111 Agricultural Technicians
  • 3112 Medical Technicians
  • 3113 Primary Products Inspectors
  • 3114 Science Technicians


For detailed information on the aforementioned fields and further classification of occupations, please visit this link.