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The Importance of Internships during Higher Education in Australia

It is obvious that you will want to land on a well-paid job as an international student in Australia. In a country like Australia, where the market is highly competitive yet rewarding, the key to find a highly payable job is to make an attractive resume. Resume shows your experiences, educational qualifications, and hobbies therefore, it has to stand out from the rest. Adding an internship experience will be like the cherry on top of the cake.  

Importance of Internships

If you are still confused about why you should do an internship first, enlisted are a few reasons that will help you understand better:

You experience a real workplace

The best thing about an internship is the exposure it provides of the real working world. The exposure you get and the experiences you live help you in gaining the required skills and maturity to become a professional from a student. Needless to mention, an internship done with a leading organization or a start-up, regardless of how long you have done it, can provide you with a huge competitive edge at the time or seeking a job. 

Your professional network expands

In a foreign country, it is not easy to find a suitable job especially the one that is highly payable. You need people to help you find the right people for the job. The ones who can offer you recommendations and guide you with their experience. In simple words, you need good, professional, and helpful people in your life who can help you start your career journey better. You can make a network of such people from your alumni network or at the time of your internships. Bonus point, if you are interning in a good workplace, you are in luck of getting training under the right people. 

You will know if you are on the right track or not 

When you are not sure of which path to choose or are indecisive about different paths, internship can benefit you a lot. It can help you in making an informed and right decision. However, it can be difficult for international students as the same job can have different skillsets in Australia than their native place. So, the students have to start from scratch to be at a better place. Thus, with the internship you do, you can easily manage knowing what skills you required and gain expertise of the job.

You get paid

Studying and living expenses are high for international students in Australia and many countries provide high-quality education systems and a better lifestyle. If you are already in Australia, you must know what we are talking about. Many organizations pay a decent salary to interns as a reward to all the learnings you have gained during your internship. However, like a full-time job, the salaries of interns varies from industry to industry. The better and bigger the industry, the higher the pay. 

You become a better person

Workplaces enlighten people. You might not agree to it, as it gets hectic too but the reality is; workplaces shape one’s life in a magical way. You become a lot better person than you would otherwise. When you are in a critical situation at work and have to come up with a solution, you are actually challenging yourself to be better. And what else can be better than growth like this? Therefore, we can say that international students are fortunate for getting an opportunity to understand people of other countries their cultures, lifestyle, work ethics, and more. And shape up to be the best version of themselves.  


The experience of being an intern is rare to obtain. And the one who does has an upper hand in getting a better job and payout.  An internship does not only help you make your resume shine brighter but also, improves your English skills, develops interpersonal skills and sharpens your decision-making skills. 
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