Start your Career with Top Trade Courses in Melbourne

Australia is popular for offering high-quality education and that is what will be discussed in this article i.e., the top trade courses for a good career in Australia.

Australian universities have earned their position among the leading universities in the world. Graduating from Australia is an excellent beginning to start a career anywhere in the world.
Did you know, the rankings of Australian universities for graduate employability are higher than other countries in the world?

Trade courses are quite popular in Australia and graduating in one of them will help you settle in Australia for good. They are very much in demand and students get a great opportunity to apply for permanent residency.

Let us have a better understanding about trade courses in Australia.

What is a Trade Course?

Trade courses are training period where students learn practical things under a qualified tradesperson. Domestic Australian students usually have an apprenticeship of 4 years however; international students are only allowed to attend their training period for 1 to 2 years. Still, they get the same qualifications and degree as domestic students. Therefore, international students are provided less time for apprenticeship in Australia as compared to domestic students i.e., 4 years.

Top Trade Courses in Melbourne

Automotive Mechanic Course

There is a high demand for an automotive mechanic in Australia therefore; the Australian government is on a trip to search for more and more students to take admission in this course. In automotive mechanic course, students will learn to diagnose light vehicle petrol engines, management systems of electronic spark ignition engine, and braking systems.

Commercial Cookery

Students who love to cook and eat often end up doing cookery courses. Therefore, it will be right to say that commercial cookery courses are for foodies or students who personally love to cook delicious food. Therefore, a career as a chef will be very exciting, experimenting, entertaining, and rewarding. Moreover, Australia is known for its famous vibrant food culture inspired by multicultural influences from all over the world. Therefore, learning cookery here is an excellent option.

Boat Building

Australia has an extremely high demand for boat building in jobs. Students learn to study the plans and specifications of a boat, assemble shells of a boat, installing frames, fittings, machines, and safety equipment in this course.

Cabinet Making

There is a very strong demand in Australia for skilled cabinet makers, where they work in fabricating installations of kitchens, bathrooms, and shop fit-outs. Everyone wants beautifully constructed interiors for their homes and offices. Therefore, the recent construction booms are the reason for the growing demand for cabinetmakers. Hence, your chances of employment is good in cabinet making.


This course helps students to learn timber joinery skills and give them an understanding of the building and construction industry. The students study about manufacture joinery components, install windows and doors, assemble stairs, and manufacture components for doors. Also, the demand for jobs in Joinery have increased recently and will continue increasing. You can expect a good package in this field. 

Painting and Decorating

Students, who are creative, love drawing, and painting can apply for this course. If you are among those students who want to excel in a field that appreciates art and creativity, have an excellent option. There are vast opportunities for students wanting to do job in painting and decorating. Students can learn to apply paint, varnish, wallpaper, and other finishes for protection and maintaining the surfaces of different structures.

Heavy Diesel Mechanic

Diesel Engine mechanics are professionals involved in improving and betterment of the working of a diesel engine. The engines can be of anything – buses, boats, trucks, cranes, or even cars. Students will learn the dynamics of an electrical system, engines and everything about all the working parts of it. Therefore, you will have a great opportunity studying diesel engine mechanics in Australia.


Last but not the least, is the carpentry job, which is again very high in demand in Australia. Australia is known for having highly skilled and technically sound carpenters. Therefore, students graduating in this course can start their career in construction and building industry. Here, you will learn about specifications of materials required in selecting timber to prepare materials. 


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