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How Much Does Australian PR Cost?

Australia is definitely a place to be! The country is as beautiful as it can get, and has almost everything you can ask for. It’s vast with a culture of its own. The flora, fauna, wild life and everything else is absolutely amazing. No wonder people from around the world desire Australian PR.

Almost every international student who enters Australia comes with a motive to get permanent residency. In fact, getting a study visa to Australia can be considered as one of the best bets to get PR of this wonderful country. Well, there are other ways too, but this one seems to be working almost perfectly. Now the question comes as to how much does Australian PR cost? Let’s look deeper into this!

Recent Changes in Australian PR Rules

The rules of granting permanent residency are getting stringent day by day. The Department of Immigration and Border Protection tries to make sure that only the best people get PR – the people who are a resource to Australia, and not a liability. This is the reason that the system like SkillSelect works so well. It gauges the individual on various parameters and makes sure the candidate is the right fit for Australian PR.

The rules have been changed recently, with an aim to populate the regional areas and relieve the major cities (like Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide) from pressure of population and ever-shortening resources.

Australian PR – Costs More Than What Meets the Eye

Well, the cost of Australian PR certainly depends on how you try to get it. Of course, if individual’s prime motive is to get PR, he/she will need to earn it, by becoming worth it.

One must know that nothing guarantees PR!

An international student who enters Australia has to take up program that has great value both in terms of qualification and market-readiness. Ideally, one must complete the chosen program successfully and gain work experience in his/her field of study.

The cost depends upon the program you choose, the area you live in and several other factors.
On the other hand, the students who keep hopping courses just for the sake of staying longer in Australia and fulfilling different criteria may no longer be able to get PR. Hopping courses only adds to the cost and worsens the candidature for Australian PR.

Australia, just like many other countries, also offers PR to people who are ready to invest in their economy. The amount, obviously, should be backed by a rock-solid business plan. This method is not everybody’s cup of tea and is one of the least chosen ways to get Australian PR.

Another option is based on your skill-sets. If you own a particular skill that is either required or in high demand in any region of Australia, you stand a good chance of getting Australian PR after fulfilling certain criteria. Most medical professionals, web developers and many other professionals come under this category. For more information on this, we suggest you get in touch with a MARA agent.

For detailed information on how much it would cost you to get Australian PR, whether through study visa or any other channel, please feel free to get in touch with us; our experienced MARA agents will suggest you the best and most affordable method to get Australian PR.