Guide to Renew Student Visa in Australia

Australia has been one of the most sought-after countries for international students. It attracts students from different parts of the world because of its world-class educational institutions, great socioeconomic culture and ample work opportunities.

Most of the international students choose to study in Australia with ultimate motive of getting permanent residency of this beautiful country. Australia’s rules for study visa are pretty relaxed for students with good academic record and English-speaking ability. Students generally take services of student visa consultants to help them choose right course, provider and even process their visa applications.

Study visa is granted generally according to the duration of the course that student enrols in. However, when the course ends and the students deems to extend his/her visa, a visa renewal/extension is required.

Renewal/Extension of Student Visa

Well, Australian Government has made it very easy for every Australian study visa seeker to apply on their own. However, most of the students take help of student visa consultants in order to apply/renew/extend their visa, because the consultants know the application process inside-out and also work on the application professionally.

As visa application process takes time, it is wise to be proactive. The students who want to extend their visa start the process of visa renewal at least 6 months before their initial visa is expiring. Most of the times, students take admission into another course (mostly relevant) in order to extend their visa. Once again, study visa consultants help the student choose the right and relevant course so that the chances of a positive visa outcome increase.

Study Visa Consultants in Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide

As Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide are the prime cities in Australia, students seeking study visa renewal here are high in number. One of the most renowned and trusted Education & Migration consultants in all of the aforementioned areas is Asia Pacific Group. The company has offices in Melbourne, Reservoir, Sydney and Adelaide and has been providing visa services to students, families and professionals for over a decade with great track record.

So, if you are looking for student visa renewal or even seeking scholarship in your desired course, Asia Pacific Group is one of the best you can get in touch with. With more than 10 MARA agents and number of student counsellors, one can get all kinds of visa services professionally and without any hassle.