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What Happens to Your Visa Status if Your Situation Changes

One of the most beautiful things with life is that it isn’t consistent. It keeps changing, from time to time. Every individual comes across different events with time – both expected and unexpected. Changes in any situation of life matter much more when you are a foreign national, for it may directly impact their visa status. Here we have some of the most common life situation changes that people in general experience during their stay as a foreign national in Australia. As these changes impact individual’s visa status greatly, it is suggested that appropriate action be taken ASAP.


Changes in Details of Passport

Department of Home Affairs can update the passport details quite easily; one just needs to update the details by logging into ImmiAccount and fill an online form. The online process transfers the updated details to passport instantly. However, not all the details can be updated using this online form. In case online method doesn’t work appropriately or is inaccessible for some odd reason, individuals can use the Form 929 to update their details on the passport. Form 929 can be downloaded from the website of the Department of Home Affairs, Australia.


Changes in Personal Details

Changes in address or gender can be made in two different ways – from the ImmiAccount and using Form 929. Individuals can update their contact details from ‘Update us’ tab in their ImmiAccount. In case it is not possible online, one can again use Form 929 for updating the changes in personal details.
To update the gender status, one may need to provide a statement from a Registered Medical Practitioner or a Registered Psychologist to specify the gender. A valid passport specifying gender can also be used along with a state or territory birth certificate.


Changes in Employment

Updating the changes in employment can be tricky affair, as it may depend on the type of visa individual is holding at the present time. It is best suggested to take advice from a registered migration agent to discuss the options.


Having a Baby in Australia

Per the law, a baby born in Australia can have different visa statuses, largely depending on his/her parent(s)’ visa. In any case, it must be notified to the Department of Home Affairs. The baby turns out to be an Australian citizen automatically if at least one of his/her parent was an Australian citizen or permanent resident at the time of birth. The baby might also be a citizen of his/her home country at the same time (per concept of dual citizenship).


Change in Relationship Status

Any change in relationship status of an individual may impact their visa situation. For example, as a dependant on partner's Student visa or other temporary visa, dependent’s visa may be subject to cancellation. However, one may be able to keep their visa if they hold any of the following visa subclasses:

  • Temporary Partner (subclass 820 or 309) visa
  • Permanent Visa
  • New Zealand subclass 461 visa

However, it is always suggested that any situation change be discussed with a registered migration agent to understand the full impact on current visa status
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