Most Common Mistakes that Can Get Your Visa Rejected

Nothing is going to make you happier than getting a visa to your desired country! On the other hand, a rejection or cancellation can lead to a total heartbreak; not to mention the difficulties you are going to face in future to get another visa. A number of clients come to us with Australia visa rejection at a stage where we are able to help them very little. Frankly, such situations should be avoided.

Filing an application to get visa is not a child’s play. It is a service provided by professional migration agents. Getting your application processed via a registered migration agent increases your chances of getting visa successfully. One must know that there is nothing and no one who can guarantee a visa!

As an applicant, you’ll always wish your visa gets approved. However, here are some of the most common mistakes made by individuals that generally lead to refusal. There may be many reasons behind it too! We suggest you go through this list of common mistakes and make sure you avoid them!

Providing False Information

Providing false information in your application may result in rejection. The last thing the visa officer wants from you is a lie. It’s not that everyone who gets visa successfully fills in 100% true information, but it is always suggested to keep the information in visa application to be true and clear.

Visa officers have immense experience in catching lies and may catch you somewhere or the other. If you can make your false information full-proof, good luck!

In short, try to avoid filling in false information your visa application form.

Not Providing Support Documents

The visa officer will need all the supporting documents to convince himself to grant you visa. If you are short of any proof, you may have hard luck. Make sure you get all the required documents ready beforehand so that you do not have to run for things afterwards.

Your migration agent will be able to give you a complete list of documents you may need for your visa. It’s your responsibility to provide them!

Hiring a Non-Registered Agent

Hiring a non-registered migration agent could leave you at risk of being given incorrect or misleading advice. Also, as you will not have the benefit of consumer protection, the agent might take your money without providing an adequate service or even any service at all.

Therefore, it is highly suggested to take assistance of a registered migration agent for Canada and a MARA agent in case of any visa to Australia.

Failure to Show Enough Funds

If you fail to show enough funds for your stay overseas, you may be at risk. Your migration agent is the best person who can guide you on how much funds you must show and in which form for which visa.

You can show a mix of movable and immovable properties along with fixed deposits and cash, but it is highly suggested to consult your migration agent on this matter. They’ll guide you on how much and what to show and how much you can extrapolate the figures, if needed.

Failure to Convince Visa Officer

This is one of the most important points. Number of clients fail to convince the visa officer which leads to their visa refusal to Canada, Australia or any other country. At the end, it all depends on the visa officer whether he/she grants you the visa or not. If your case goes up to personal interview, which in certain visa cases does, you must stay confident and should be able to convince your visa officer. The visa officer must be convinced that your visit is genuine and you’ll be back to your home country in stipulated time.

Keeping the above points in mind can increase your chances of getting visa successfully. Make sure you avoid any mistake that can let you in trouble. In any case, if you need assistance with your skill assessment, please feel free to get in touch with us! You can call us directly or fill in this Quick Contact Form, and one of our experts will call you back!

All the best!