How to Apply for ACT Nomination of Subclass 190 Visa

Applying for ACT nomination of a Skilled Nominated visa is a two-stage process. First, you must formally express an interest in applying for ACT 190 nomination by completing a score-based ‘Canberra Matrix’. Second, if you are invited to apply for ACT 190 nomination, you must complete and submit the online application (and pay the service fee) within 14 days.

In the first case where the candidate is required to express interest in 190 nomination, they are allocated points against demonstrated economic contribution or benefit and/or a genuine commitment to be part of the ACT community. It will be based on points where score of 20 and above will be considered. The highest ranked candidates will then be selected and invited to apply. In the second case, the candidate must attach the required documents to evidence their Matrix score. If the candidate fails to provide the evidence, the application will not meet the nomination criteria.

Both the migration agents (on behalf of client) and individual candidates can apply, but must register and create an account first.

For the candidates who have been invited to apply for ACT 190 nomination, they’ll receive an e-mail with one-time web link to access their online application, which will need to be submitted within 14 days with all the formalities completed. Failure to submit the application within the stipulated time will result in lapsing of application. It must be noted that the application once lapse cannot be reactivated. The candidate can, however, save their application before submission. The candidate will be able to access the saved application anytime within 14 days.

The PhD holders who have completed their PhD at an ACT university will be at edge when applying for nomination of subclass 190 visa. They’ll get a simplified application process and will require minimal supporting documentation. They’ll also get benefit of priority processing with waiver of $300 service fee.

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