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Gain the Best Insights on Australia Admissions & Intakes

Australia, one of the most preferred and popular educational hubs globally, has carved its niche in the sphere of international education. In this blog, we will delve into the introduction for Australia's new admissions and intakes of international students, highlighting the salient aspects of the country, including Australia as a study destination, its academia, cultural context, physical and geographical characteristics, practical opportunities, and other integral advantages.

Understanding Australia as a Study Destination

Australia is globally recognized for its high-quality education, robust infrastructure, friendly populace, and an astounding environment conducive to academic growth and personal development.

As an education destination, Australia is a compelling choice—it homes several top-ranked universities offering multitude disciplines and courses recognized all over the world.

Australia's educators are known for their research, ingenuity, and teaching methodologies, ensuring students are offered an enriching, interactive, and holistic learning experience.

Australian Admissions and Intakes for International Students

Australia caters to international students by offering two main timeframes for enrolment, with one more option available for a selected few:

Intake 1

This time slot begins at either the tail end of February or the starting days of March and lasts until the conclusion of May or the kick-off of June. The majority of degree paths and educational institutions recognize this as the principal intake period.

Intake 2

This interval initiates from the ending days of July or the dawn of August, continuing until the close of October or the inception of November. Some universities and study courses also welcome students to rise to the occasion with a mid-year enrolment opportunity in July.

Year-round Application

A handful of Australian academic establishments give students the flexibility to submit applications whenever they are ready throughout the year, although this option might not have a vast selection to choose from.

Australia gives ambitious students one more shot with the September intake, also known as Semester 3 however keep in mind; the list of available courses for this term is limited.

Take the Leap: Begin Your Australian Adventure

Dive into the captivating world of Australian academic institutions. A myriad of exciting opportunities awaits your unique interests. Here is how you can begin the process of applying for the intake.


Discover multiple universities and courses in Australia that captivate your interest. Gather critical information like specific entry prerequisites, submission deadlines, and English-language proficiency standards.

Choose and Apply

Submit your application to the chosen university directly. 

Submit Documents

Ensure that necessary documents such as academic transcripts, English language proficiency test results, and passport details are readily available. 

Accept the Offer

If the university deems your application successful, a letter of confirmation will arrive. This promising news means that it is time to grab the opportunity and secure your place by accepting the offer and paying a deposit.

Secure Your Student Visa

After accepting the offer, the next step takes you closer to your journey - applying for a student visa. Visit the Department of Home Affairs website online and apply for your student visa.

Factors to Consider before Applying for Admissions or Intake in Australia

Here are some key points you should seriously consider when deciding which course to enrol for or intake to apply

Programme Availability

Double check if your desired programme is offered in the intake period you have in your mind. Some programmes may only be available for a specific intake. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to clarify this with your chosen institution.

Visa Processing Time

For international students, be mindful that visa processing takes time. We advise that you lodge your visa application at least three months ahead of your course commencement.

Personal Situation

Your personal circumstances should also weigh your decision. Factor in your preferred programme start date and any commitments that may affect your choice.

Scholarship Accessibility

It is not enough to be academically ready. Do not forget to check whether scholarships are available for the intake period you are considering or not. Confirm with both the university and scholarship providers for the specific intake scholarships.

Get in Touch with Asia Pacific Group!

To conclude, Australia's new admissions and intakes of international students can expect a welcoming and inclusive environment, top-tier education, work opportunities, and an enriching cultural experience, making Australia an enticing study destination.

Whether for short-term study abroad programs or for full academic degrees; contact Asia Pacific Group today and begin your dream journey.


How many intakes are there in Australia for international students?

Australia generally have two primary intakes that happens every year for international students. These intakes represents both the semesters of the academic year. The first intake, known as Semester 1, and the second intake, known as Semester 2, starts in February and July respectively. 

When to apply for February intake in Australia?

The application time for the February intake or Semester 1 in Australia begins during the months of August and September of the last year.

When to apply for July intake in Australia?

The application time for July intake or Semester 2 begins by the end of November or early December of the last year. 

Which Australian intake month is best for international students? 

Both intakes in Australia have their own pros and cons, so it really depends on your individual circumstances and personal choices.