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Dec 18 2016

Why your Australian Visa Application gets refused?



A number of people apply for Visa for Australia every year but many of them get rejected. There can be any reason for this rejection but some common reasons which people generally get rejected for, are follows: why-your-australian-visa-application-gets-refused

  • In Sufficient Documents : Whatever you say, you should have proof for it to show because no one knows who you are and what you have done.


  • Wrong Details: If your visa application has any wrong detail or any fraud document attached to it then you might get rejected and even you will be fined for fraud.


  • Unable to Claim Fitness as per requirement: To get a visa you need to be physically fit and if you are not able to meet those requirements then you might be rejected.


  • Bad Character: If you have been ever charged for any criminal activity in past then it might also become another reason for your visa rejection as you need to abide by laws as per rules.


  • Financial Support Lacking: If you are not able to provide enough details and proof for your financial support including all the costing and other savings for survival then also you might get rejected for a visa.


  • Unable to prove you Language Proficiency: To get a visa you need to provide PTE, IELTS & TOEFL certificates to prove you Language Proficiency if you are a non – native English speaker because you need to prove that you can understand the language well and your communication is not going to pose any problem for anyone. So, if you are not able to prove this then also your visa might get rejected.


  • Improper & Unprofessional Guidance: If you take wrong guidance in applying for a visa from any non-registered source or agent then also your visa get rejected as you might not even know the exact process and documents required to get your visa. So, if you want your visa only consult a registered Company or agent.


These are some basic reasons for getting your visa rejected doesn’t matter that what purpose you are applying for like Tourist Visa, Study Visa, Work Visa or PR, etc.

If you think that you have got your visa refused due to any of the above reasons or you are not able to find out why your visa was refused then you can fix a meeting with our Consultant free of cost and get your doubts cleared now as a lot many has got there refused visa’s and it is your turn now.