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Oct 26 2016

Parveen Kumar -Director of APEC INDIA -india


Mr. Parveen ensures that every employee is happy with his work station. He single handedly manages the IT requirements of the company and devotes much time in solving any petty issue if an employee comes across with his PC.

He devotes much of his time in upgrading the hardware and software so as to ease the working of the employees. He possesses sound knowledge about technology and rarely any problem skips his eye. He sticks to a problem until the problem gives up.

A director so down to earth that he enjoys sitting with his team members and crack witty jokes just to ease the environment.
Having a great sense of management, he effectively acts as a cost savior of the company.

He has such a strong observation power that hardly an employee comes to know about his presence while doing any mischievous activity, but everything is well noted in his mind.

An employer who values discipline, team work and is always welcome to changes that are beneficial for the team.