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Oct 27 2016

Gurmanpreet Singh -Customer care -india


The Early Riser of APEC.

Whenever someone calls APEC, this dedicated person will be the one to assist you further on your query and that too, with a smile on his face.

He is the girls’ favorite colleague because everyone needs a sketch of their own.

This guy has a gift of making extraordinary sketches of anyone and anything. Having a degree in Fine arts, Gurman makes attractive sketches, glass art, paintings and lot many other stuff for APEC and its employees.

He is a sweet guy to talk to and will do anything to assist our clients. He is the one poking our team to follow the clients on time and ensures that no client turns unsatisfied.

A disciplined professional in nature, who has never skipped a day at work because he loves to interact with new people. So whenever you call, just be relaxed as he will be there to assist you.