Studying Law in Australia introduces you to Australia’s law schools and gives you extensive information about how different laws function in Australia. In addition, it also enables you to practice law professionally and become an Australian lawyer.

A law degree is considered by many to be a smart career move as it can command status, prestige, employment, and promotional prospects along with having the potential to be applied in many different areas.

Australia follows a common law system consisting of court-enforced statutes. Australian states and territories are governed by their own court systems with an overseeing federal body. The country’s legal system is known for its maturity and rich history.

Law and legal studies training can be used in variety of settings including politics, business, international finance and banking, practicing as a local solicitor, a court-room barrister, or using your legal training to bring about social change.

In short, a law degree will give you the skills to succeed in any field.

Here is a brief of Law courses offered in Australia.

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Princy Sivia

Princy Sivia

11 Apr 2019

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Mandeep Singh

03 May 2019

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