Physician Stream

This is part of the Nova Scotia Nominee Program, a PNP operated by the province of Nova Scotia. It has been designed to assist the health organizations of Nova Scotia to recruit highly skilled foreign doctors in order to fulfil labour shortages in Nova Scotia’s health sector.

Physicians successful through this program will be able to apply for Canadian PR status. This stream is ideal for physicians who have a valid job offer from eligible health sector employers in Nova Scotia.

Program Requirements



Express Entry Profile


Connection to Province


Job Offer


Language Proficiency

No minimum

Level of Education

Medical Licence

Work Experience

No minimum

Investment Requirement


Job Offer

To be eligible for this stream, a foreign national must have a job offer from either the IWK Health Centre or the Nova Scotia Health Authority for a position at NOC code 3111 (specialist physician) or 3112 (general practitioner or family physician).

Language Proficiency

While there is no minimum work experience, level of education or language proficiency required for this stream, the hiring process for both the Nova Scotia Health Authority and IWK Health Centre includes a detailed review of prospective employees’ educational/medical credentials, language proficiency, and eligibility for licensing in Nova Scotia, backed by proof of education, language, and licensing. Through this stream, similar assessments obtained by the Nova Scotia employer will be used in the immigration application, thereby making the application process easier for the foreign national.

Application Procedure

Applications for this stream are accepted throughout the year and are processed on a first-come, first-served basis. The applications must be completed and emailed directly to the Nova Scotia Nominee Program. Successful applicants receive a provincial nomination, which enables the applicants to submit an official application for Canadian PR to the federal government. A paper-based application must be submitted to IRCC within 6 months of receiving the official provincial nomination.

Applicants who receive a provincial nomination through this stream are issued a work permit support letter, which may be used in an application for a temporary work permit while the PR application is in process. Such applications generally get processed within 18 months.