Critical Impact Worker

The Critical Impact Worker stream targets foreign nationals who have experience in semi-skilled and unskilled occupations in northern Canada.

Program Requirements



Express Entry Profile


Connection to Province

Work Experience

Job Offer


Language Proficiency


Level of Education

Education or certification specific to job offer

Work Experience

Employed in Northwest Territories

NOC C or D

6 months

Investment Requirement


It should be noted that the Critical Impact Worker and the NT employer must meet certain criteria to be eligible to apply to this stream.

Applicant Requirements

Connection to Northwest Territories

In order to be eligible for this stream, the candidates must be working in NOC Skill Level C or D occupation in the Northwest Territories for at least one year.

Job Offer

The candidates must have a full-time, permanent job offer from their current NT employer in their current job position.

Language Proficiency

Candidates need to demonstrate language proficiency in English or French corresponding to CLB level 4. The language test taken must be within the two years preceding the application.

Level of Education

The candidates must at least have the educational credentials that are required to perform the offered job.

Work Experience

The candidates must have experience of at least 6 months in the Northwest Territories in the same NOC C or D position for the same employer that is making the job offer.

Settlement Funds

In order to be eligible for this stream, the candidates must demonstrate that they have sufficient settlement funds for themself and their family, which must be at least $10,000 CAD for the principal applicant and an additional $2,000 for every accompanying dependent. This could be done by providing certified bank statements or official, notarized letters from their bank.

Employer Requirements

Job Offer Requirements

The job offered to the foreign national must be full-time and permanent with a comparable industry and occupation salary not conflicting with any collective bargaining agreements.

Business Requirements

Employers who are interested in nominating a skilled foreign worker must be either a registered and operational Northwest Territories business for at least 1 year, or a municipal, First Nations or the territorial government of the Northwest Territories. Employers must comply with the Northwest Territories’ Workers’ Safety and Compensation Commission and the territory’s Employment Standards office. These are verified by the Department of Education, Culture and Employment.

Recruitment Requirements

Employers are needed to submit a positive LMIA or they must prove that they advertised the open position both locally and nationally if nominating a candidate with an open work permit without submitting an LMIA. The employers will also be required to provide a description of all the applicants along with reasons to refuse their application, in case the offer has been extended to the foreign national without an LMIA.

Application Procedure

This stream is open throughout the year and it is the responsibility of the employer to submit the paper-based application for NTNP, which may take about 10 weeks to process after it has been received by the NTNP. If approved, both the foreign national and the employer will be required to sign an MoU with details of the terms and conditions of their nomination and responsibilities of both parties.
Upon receiving a provincial nomination, the applicant has 6 months to submit a federal application for Canadian PR, for which they must submit (by mail) a completed paper-based application for PR to the appropriate application centre. Such PR applications generally get processed within 18 months.