Strategic Projects Category

This is contained in the British Columbia Entrepreneur Stream and is one of the streams of PNP operated by the province of British Columbia. It is specially designed to target extremely successful foreign companies that plan to establish a branch or another operating facility in British Columbia. Once the staff members have successfully operated the BC enterprise for certain period of time, they can be nominated for permanent resident status.

Interested companies need to contact the BC PNP first in order to discuss their proposal. Thereafter, the company must register a profile with the BC PNP. The officials will then review the profile to make sure it is complete in all aspects. The company is then sent an invitation to submit an official application.

Program Requirements

Express Entry Profile


Connection to Province


Job Offer


Language Proficiency

No Minimum

Level of Education

No Minimum

Work Experience

No Minimum

Investment Requirement

Investment: $500,000 CAD

Annual Corporate Revenue: $20 million CAD

This stream gives an opportunity to propose up to five key staff members for a provincial nomination in order to establish a branch in BC. It must be noted that both the company and the key staff members must meet the program eligibility requirements.

Company Requirements

As mentioned above, the successful applicants should have annual revenues of at least $20,000,000 CAD and have a staff of at least 150 people. Furthermore, the company must also invest at least $500,000 CAD in the new branch in BC and provide/create at least 3 new jobs for Canadian citizens or permanent residents for every key staff member proposed. Depending on the nature of the company, additional eligibility requirements may be imposed by BC PNP. In order to determine the individualized requirements, the interested companies should contact British Columbia PNP directly.

Key Staff Members Requirements

These key staff members should be qualified personnel with key role to in the organization. The company may propose to transfer up to 5 such members to the new BC enterprise. 

Application Procedure

This stream accepts applications from the eligible companies throughout the year; however, the interested companies need to contact the BC PNP first to obtain detailed information about the program and discuss a business proposal. The company must register its interest to apply by paying a $300 CAD registration fee. If the BC PNP reckons the company and the proposed key members to be eligible for the program, the company will be invited to submit a complete application, for which it will need to pay $3,500 as a processing fee plus an additional $1,000 CAD for every proposed key staff member.

The BC PNP invites all the proposed key staff members to attend an interview in Vancouver if the application is submitted incomplete. Once the interview is conducted, the company’s designated signing authority signs a performance agreement with British Columbia and the BC PNP then issues a work permit support letter for each key staff member, which is then used to apply for a 2-year temporary work permit from IRCC. Provided the work permit applications get approved, the key staff members arrive in BC and implement the business per their plan. Only once the company meets all the conditions mentioned in the performance agreement that each key staff member is issued a nomination for PR from the BC PNP.

After receiving the provincial nomination, the key staff members get 6 months to submit a federal application for Canada PR. A paper-based application must be submitted by mail to the appropriate application centre. It must be noted that paper-based PNP applications generally get processed within 18 months.