International Post-Graduate Category

This is one of the streams of PNP operated by the province of British Columbia. This stream prioritizes the nomination of immigrants who have recently completed graduate-level education from an eligible institution in British Columbia.

Candidates successfully nominated through this program are invited to submit an official application for Canadian PR. They do not need to have an Express Entry profile to be eligible for this stream. However, candidates meeting the eligibility criteria and having an active Express Entry profile may apply to the stream through Express Entry for expedited processing. On the other hand, candidates experienced in certain technical occupations may be eligible for expedited processing and other benefits through the BC Tech Pilot.

Program Requirements

Express Entry Profile

Not Required

Connection to Province

Study Experience

Job Offer


Language Proficiency

No Minimum

Level of Education

Master’s or Doctorate

Work Experience

No Minimum

Investment Requirement


Express Entry Requirement

As mentioned above, to be eligible for this stream, the candidates need not have an Express Entry profile; however, the ones who happen to meet the eligibility criteria and have an active Express Entry profile may be able to apply to the stream through Express Entry for quicker processing.

Connection to British Columbia

Candidates must have completed an eligible program (master’s or doctorate degree) from an eligible institute in British Columbia.

Level of Education

Candidates must have completed at least a master’s or doctorate degree in British Columbia.

Settlement Funds

The settlement funds requirement must be met by all the candidates as determined by IRCC. The same may be demonstrated through their own finances, or through maintaining a valid offer of employment.

Application Procedure

This stream (BC International Post-Graduate) is open to new applicants any time. The candidates who are eligible must submit their application through British Columbia’s online immigration portal, indicating whether they are applying through the regular Skills Immigration system or the accelerated Express Entry system. A fee of $700 CAD is charged per applicant.
If the application gets approved, the candidate is issued a provincial nomination for PR from British Columbia. Meanwhile, candidates may even begin working in Canada by requesting a temporary work permit.

If the applicant applied to this stream through Express Entry, they will receive a notification of nomination on their IRCC online account. Once accepted, the applicant’s CRS score will be increased by 600 points, virtually guaranteeing that they will receive an Invitation to Apply (ITA) for PR in the next Express Entry draw. After receiving an ITA, the applicant must prepare and submit an official application within the designated timeframe. Such applications generally get processed within six months.

If the applicant applied through the regular Skills Immigration system, they will have six months to submit an official application for PR. They must then prepare a paper-based application and submit it by mail to the appropriate application centre. Such applications generally get processed within 18 months.