British Columbia

British Columbia is located on Canada’s west coast and is recognized for its natural beauty of the Rocky Mountains and the Pacific Ocean. It is one of the top destinations for immigrants in Canada due to its economic growth.

The BC PNP (British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program) is a collection of immigration pathways that enables foreign nationals to become Canadian permanent residents in British Columbia. The program is strategically designed to attract immigrants in order to benefit the province in different areas like skilled workers, workers in sectors with labour shortages, entrepreneurs, and investors. The province of British Columbia operates number of immigration streams primarily divided among two categories:
1.    British Columbia Skills Immigration
2.    British Columbia Entrepreneur Immigration

BC Skills Immigration

This category targets foreign nationals who have certain special skills to become meaningful members of British Columbia’s workforce. The pathways in this category prefer immigrants with employment prospects in BC and who possess the experience that is needed to secure and maintain employment as BC residents, namely:
•    British Columbia Skilled Worker
•    British Columbia Healthcare Professional
•    British Columbia International Graduate
•    British Columbia International Post-Graduate
•    British Columbia Entry Level and Semi-Skilled Worker (ELSS)

British Columbia Express Entry

Candidates need not be eligible for Express Entry to apply to the BC Skills Immigration streams. However, most of the programs in the British Columbia Skills Immigration offer an expedited pathway to PR for eligible candidates who have an active Express Entry profile. Therefore, it is suggested to refer to the application procedure of each stream to know whether it offers an Express Entry pathway.

BC Entrepreneur Immigration

On the other hand, this second category, i.e., British Columbia Entrepreneur Immigration, targets foreign nationals and foreign companies who have demonstrated track records of success in business ownership, management, and investment. This includes individual entrepreneurs with significant personal net worth and international corporations with high annual revenues; they may immigrate to the province through the establishment of new enterprises in the province, under following categories.
•    British Columbia Entrepreneur
•    British Columbia Entrepreneur Regional Pilot
•    British Columbia Strategic Projects

BC Tech Pilot Program

The BC Tech Pilot program targets skilled foreign nationals working in one of British Columbia’s in-demand technical occupations. This program is aligned with BC Skills Immigration, therefore interested applicants are suggested to review the various streams contained within the Skills Immigration category. The program enables eligible foreign nationals to receive faster processing and additional resources through applications.