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Why Study a Trade Course in Melbourne?

Melbourne is considered the best place for international students in Australia. It celebrates 140 cultures, creating a welcoming and diverse environment for people across the world. For students, it is an incredible place with quirky cafes and clubs to chill and beautifully scenic parks to relax. Melbourne has always ensured that everyone has an evening to remember.

There is so much to this city that, one can never get enough of it. Speaking of which, international students feel privileged to study here. The opportunities here for international students are endless, and you need just the right kick to commence your journey in the popular city of Melbourne.

Melbourne has many courses to offer for international students. One of the popular courses here is the trade course. With trade skills, you can work anywhere in the world. Now you may ask what the trade courses available in Melbourne are.  Well, not just that but, we will also learn a few popular reasons for studying trade courses in Melbourne.

You will come across various trade courses not just only in Melbourne but also across Australia in various fields. The course includes carpentry and engineering courses, which will teach you skills that you can use for a lifetime and anywhere in the world. Meaning that at any point in your life, you can resume working using your trade skills.  

Reasons for Studying Trade Course in Melbourne

Enlisted are a few popular reasons why international students are choosing to study trade courses over others. 

Easy Road to Permanent Residency

To obtain permanent residency in Australia, a trade course is one of the easiest ways to go ahead with. The reason is trade jobs across the country are in high demand throughout the year. In fact, many trade jobs are also enlisted on the Skilled Occupation List, showing the wide options available for international students to choose from for their careers. 

Budget Friendly Fees

Trade courses in Melbourne are much cheaper than other degree courses. This is one of the most popular reasons among international and domestic students for pursuing a trade course. Usually, the course fees depend on the duration – whether it is a diploma, graduate, or postgraduate degree. The duration of the course makes up the next reason to pursue a trade course in Melbourne.

Duration of the Trade Course

Just like the fees, even the duration of the trade course is shorter than other degree courses. You can complete a trade course here in a maximum of 2 years. Later, you can find a suitable job and apply for it. That will be the point from where your journey to permanent residency will begin. 

Practical Training

However, before finding a trade job in Melbourne, you will first need to fulfill all the requirements, especially academic requirements. Universities here teach trade courses in a way that you will find easier in getting trade jobs. As much importance is given to the theoretical part, the same is provided to practical training.  Therefore, with enough practical experience in the trade field, you can be assured of getting a job across Australia or elsewhere.

Business Opportunity

If you are not willing to work under someone and want to start something of your own, you must plan it all. Because, tradespersons in Melbourne are limited and you have an upper hand in starting your own trade business. Therefore, international students can gain many benefits by going down the business road.


Above all, pursuing one of the trade courses in Melbourne for permanent residency will uplift your career life. So, what is stopping you? Tighten your belt and begin your journey in the trade field. For experts’ guidance, you can reach us – Asia Pacific Group, a migration and education agency based in Melbourne.

We are among the top names with extensive knowledge in this field and will be happy to assist you in whatever you need. Send us a quote today!