What You Must Know About Your Education Consultant

Education consultant is the first go-to person if you are looking to pursue your higher education abroad. Whether you have gathered enough knowledge and material from different websites that may seem to be ample, an education consultant is the person who’ll have the most updated and useful resources at any given day and time. Education consultants cater to clients on a daily basis and know the industry inside-out, thereby helping you with the latest and useful information.

Despite what all has been said above, it can be quite a task to choose an education consultant. Choosing the right consultant is as important as it can get. 

Education consultants will help you with vital information like selection of program, provider (college/university), tuition fee, living expenses, etc.

Here are some points you may consider when shortlisting a consultant to go ahead with your application.

Is the Consultant Registered?

You’ll find hundreds of consultants in your area when you go out looking for one; and it’s going to be tough for you to select out of such a huge bunch. While all of them will lure you with lucrative offers, you’ll have to make an informed decision.

Make sure you choose the consultant that is registered. A registered consultant is authorized by the government of the relevant overseas body to assist with matters related to study visa, immigration, etc. Depending upon the country you wish to move to, see if the consultant is registered by the relevant bodies.

Does the Consultant Provide the Services You are Looking for?

Obviously, you do not need to choose a consultant that doesn’t deal in services you are looking for. Doing some basic research will help you find services that are offered by different consultants.
While all the education consultants deal in helping you with study visa, you’ll need to find if they deal in the country you wish to go to!

Visa Success Rate

Visa success rate matters a lot! Inquire for visa success rate of the consultant you wish to choose. Most of the consultants generally maintain a slam book/diary to exhibit all their successful visas; look for it.
You can also look for social media reviews on consultants’ Facebook and Google Review pages. Go through all the one-star reviews, if any. Check overall rating. Do this exercise thoroughly; it will prove to be extremely helpful!

You can also go for a renowned consultant with high visa success rate to be more assured for your visa success.

Cost of Consulting and Refund Policies

Your pocket matters, and this is where you got to be extremely cautious and attentive. If you are going for a study visa, most of the education consultants do not charge any fees as they get their cut in form of commission from the educational institutions. In any case, talking it beforehand helps. Also make sure you inquire about the refund policies, if any.

Keeping the above points in mind when choosing an education consultant will prove to be helpful. Make sure you stay away from deceitful and fraudulent agents who promise things that appear too good to be true!