Update: South Australia Approves 498 Occupations for 2019-20

Here comes another update! This time it’s from South Australia!

The State has published the list of 498 state nominated occupations for year 2019-20 General Skilled Migration program on July 3, 2019.

Out of 498 occupations, 275 are available for applicants residing offshore or in South Australia and remaining 223 occupations are available on the Supplementary Skilled List (SSL). These 223 occupations are available to four categories of applicants who have demonstrated a strong commitment to South Australia or are high calibre applicants (high levels of English, considerable work experience and higher qualification levels). The four categories mentioned above include:

  • International graduates of South Australia
  • Skilled applicants who have worked in the State for the last 12 months
  • Applicants who have an immediate family member permanently residing in South Australia for 24 months or more.
  • An applicant with high points.

Additionally, if an applicant has 80 points (including the state nomination points) on the Department of Home Affairs points test, he/she may be able to access additional occupations.

The points requirement for the ICT occupations (with an ACS skills assessment) has been increased to 75 points; however, the international graduates of South Australia or ones currently working in South Australia categories are only required to have 65 points for this.

Again, according to the experts, not many significant changes have been made in the occupation list from the last year. It’s just that the conditions have been designed to push more migrants to go to regional areas.

For example, applicants in certain occupations like finance manager, hairdresser or accountants could otherwise apply for SA nominations after working for 12 months in the state, now they’ll have to work in the regional areas for at least six months to be eligible for the state nominations.

The complete list of occupations can be seen here (updated January 2022).

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