Tips for Successful Tourist Visa Application for Australia

They say tourist visa is easy to get. Well, it everything is right and in place, it is. Else, it isn’t. There are a few factors and points that can lead to refusal of your tourist visa to developed countries like Australia. Not everybody is lucky to get a tourist visa to Australia, for that matter.

Nevertheless, here are some points (tips, in fact) that can help you get tourist visa to Australia successfully. Let’s go through them, one by one!

Hiring an Agent

If you think you can do it on your own, you may be wrong. You’ll need a professional agency to help you with tourist visa. While most of the renowned travel portals can get it done, you can also hire a registered MARA agent.

A MARA agent is authorised by the Government of Australia to file an application on behalf of the client.

Hiring a MARA agent can prove to be highly beneficial in many ways. It can reduce your visa processing time as they are experienced in filling the visa application form perfectly. Furthermore, they know all the requirements for visa and can prepare your case file the way it should be. They'll prepare an itinerary and make all the necessary bookings, including travel documents, etc., which will strengthen your application.

File Your Income Tax Return and Show Funds

This may not seem to be an important point to you, but filing your income tax return timely and regularly enhances your chances of getting a tourist visa. Filing income tax returns timely and regularly means the financials of the individual are sorted and managed.

Strong financial savings also depict great financial health, which is again a big factor in success of tourist visa. You’ll need to declare your savings (both movable and immovable) to showcase your financial health. The more, the better!

All this increases the individual’s credibility and ensures that he/she won’t be absconding or play anything false.

Create Travel History

Having a travel history creates a positive impact on your profile. If you have been having leisurely trips around the world off and on, your visit to Australia will also be considered a part of it. Having a travel history will convince the visa officer to grant you tourist visa to Australia.

It should also be noted that if Australia is the first country you are visiting and you do not have any significant travel history and there are no substantial reasons to back your visit, your chances to get tourist visa to Australia get bleaker.

Reason to Come Back to Home Country

If in any case at any point during the processing of application the visa officer feels that you may not get back to your home country, he/she will not think twice in rejecting your application.

Therefore, it becomes extremely important for you to prove your ties with the home country and you are visiting Australia only for a few days/months for holidays.

If you are an employee, you may need to showcase your leave application and even have a letter from the concerned department that you’ll be joining back the office on a certain date.

You may need to submit the proofs depending upon your profile.

Keeping the above points in consideration can help you get tourist visa to Australia successfully.

Make the best out of your visit. Be a responsible tourist! Enjoy your stay in Australia!