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Recent & Upcoming Migration Updates July 2019

Here's a list of migration updates that were announced in the month of July from different regional areas of Australia. The States that announced updates include Victoria, Tasmania, South Australia, Queensland and New South Wales.

Let's have a brief review!

Migration Update from Queensland

The Queensland State released its new Skilled Occupation List along with the nomination criteria for 2019-20 migration program. The 489 Visa opened for limited duration until middle of August 2019. The final date of nomination by States and Territories for the 489 is September 10, 2019.

Candidates eligible for the 489 Visa are encouraged to submit their EOI as soon as possible, and have all their supporting documents ready to provide to as soon as they receive the invitation from BSMQ.

However, the authorities have temporary closed the program due to high amount of application received, which has resulted in website outage. It is unlikely that the 489 program will re-open as closure of nomination is scheduled on September 10, 2019.

The future dates of 190 program reopening will be published on the website and other social media platforms.

To ascertain nomination criteria for onshore, offshore, QLD post-graduate, specific occupations and detailed information on this update, please go through Migration Update from Queensland.

Migration Update from New South Wales

Far South Coast - NSW
RDA Far South Coast in New South Wales released its new occupational list for 2019-20 Skilled Regional Sponsored Visa (SRS) 489 migration program. All occupations for this region require a minimum score of seven (7) in each IELTS category (or equivalent) unless otherwise stated.

Accountant (General, ANZSCO 221111) and Software Engineer (ANZSCO 261313) occupations are currently suspended and a lot of occupations include prerequisite of minimum IELTS score of 8 in all components (or equivalent). To see the complete occupation list or get more information on this, please visit RDA Far South Coast Migration update.

Southern Inland - NSW
RDA Southern Inland NSW announced its skilled occupations list on July 1, 2019 according to which chefs and trade professionals can apply with 55 points!

To see the complete list or get detailed information on this update, please see our blog-post RDA Southern Inland migration update.

Orana - NSW
The Orana region opened EOI for accountants and many other occupations. The accountants with minimum 7 each in IELTS and at least 6 months' relevant work experience may apply for EOI!

To see the skills list (ANZSCO codes) for Accountants, you may visit our blog-post Orana NSW Region Opens EOI for Accountants.

For all other occupations, please read Orana NSW Skills List.

It is set to re-open on August 1, 2019. The applicants may start preparing the applications. Applicants are suggested to review the additional conditions imposed on specific occupations.

Migration Update from South Australia

South Australia published the list of 498 state nominated occupations for year 2019-20 General Skilled Migration program on July 3, 2019. Out of 498 occupations, 275 are available for applicants residing offshore or in South Australia and remaining 223 occupations are available on the Supplementary Skilled List (SSL).

To see the complete list of occupations and detailed information on this update, you may go through our blog-post South Australia State Nominated Occupations for 2019-20.

Migration Update from Tasmania

In line with the recent Tasmania 489 program, the authorities urged applicants not to lodge multiple nomination applications, for only the application submitted first will be assessed and processed and all the other applications submitted thereafter will not be entertained.

Migration Update from Victoria

  • The State introduced the new skilled visa application system, which will require the returning users to create a new account.
  • Per this new system, all the old saved applications will be lost and the users will need to start again to lodge the application.

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