Reasons to Take Up a Professional Year Program in Australia

Australia is one of the prime destinations for international students, as it attracts students from every nook and corner of the world. The standard of education that Australian educational institutions provide is at par with the ones provided in countries like United States, Canada, etc. The educational institutes and the curriculum for every program is regulated and controlled by a registered government body.

Australia offers tons and tons of different programs and certainly pays off for the education one takes there. Most of the students who successfully complete their studies get placed at decent places with deserving packages. Not to mention that the programs that students choose also help them create their PR pathway in Australia.

One such program that may help you in many different ways in Australia is a Professional Year Program. Also known as PYP, it is generally a 52-week program offered across three streams of education – IT, Engineering and Accounting.

Why Take a PYP?

A Professional Year Program is especially designed to apprise the students with the work and economic culture of Australia. A specialised skill-set is provided to the students in PYP that helps them secure a better job and perform per the standards.

In short, a Professional Year Program makes you ready for the job market and helps you understand the overall work culture of Australia in a better way. The skill-sets, certainly, help in both short- and long-term. Furthermore, a student who has completed a PYP has a better chance of getting a higher-paying job.

All in all, if one has a background in IT, Engineering or Accounting stream, a PYP is the best bet to have a great career in Australia.

Top Benefit of PYP

In addition to preparing the student for the job market, one of another best benefits of completing a Professional Year Program is the extra 5 points in PR application!

Yes, a student who has completed Professional Year successfully gets an additional 5 points towards his/her PR application, which play a huge part when it comes to invitation.

There are thousands of candidates who generally get stuck on the points tally and fall short of a few points for invitation. A PYP can do the magic here and make the candidate eligible for PR in Australia!

There are number of institutes that provide Professional Year Programs at affordable prices. It is considered a wise decision to take up a PYP program in order to equip oneself with job-ready skill-sets and secure those extra PR points!