Orana NSW Region Opens EOI for Accountants

Here’s a recent update from Immigration under its Regional Development Australia mission! You can now apply for EOI in the Orana region as an Accountant! 

The Orana NSW region has opened EOI for accountants and many other occupations. While this particular blog-post mentions Occupation Titles and ANZSCO Codes for accountants, you may find the full Orana NSW Skills List Effective July 1, 2019, here.

Per this recent update, the accountants with minimum 7 each in IELTS and at least 6 months’ relevant work experience may apply for EOI!

Here’s the skills list for Accountants, with their respective ANZSCO Codes.


Orana Skills List Effective 1 July 2019


Occupation Title



Accountant (General)



Management Accountant



External Auditor



Internal Auditor



Finance Manager



** At the time of application, you do not have to be living and working in the Orana region, but anyone who is already living will get preference. The applicant must have proficient English and a minimum of 6 months' paid relevant work experience in Australia.



Check your eligibility or get in touch with our Registered MARA Agents to know the possibilities to apply for Orana NSW.