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New Temporary Sponsored Parent Visa Introduced

Here's a news for Indian Australians and this is regarding introduction of new temporary sponsored parent visa! The Indian Australian migrants who wish to bring their parents to Australia for longer periods will now be able to lodge a sponsorship application to sponsor their parent. Applications for this visa are intended to open from July 1, 2019. The legislation was passed in November of 2018, however!

With this new subclass 870 visa, the parents and grandparents will be able to visit Australia for a continuous period of up to five years. In addition to this, they may apply second visa for another five years after a short stay outside Australia, which means that they'll be able to spend up to 10 years in Australia.

A 3-year will visa cost $5,000, 5-year visa $10,000 and 10-year visa will cost $20,000!

The price has, however, disappointed certain members of the Indian community, as they reckon the visa cost to be too high. Not only the high price but the fact that the children will have to bear the financial burden of healthcare for migrant parents has further raised concern. Furthermore, the sponsors will legally act as financial guarantor for any outstanding public health costs incurred by the visa holder(s).

Here are the points that need to be considered when applying for new subclass 870 visa.

  • Prior sponsorship approval must be granted for those who are going to sponsor their parents. It will include assessment of the sponsor's financial capacity and will cost $420. Applications for sponsorship approval will commence from April 17,2019. The visa application must be lodged within 6 months of approval.
  • Only Australian Citizens, Permanent Residents or Eligible New Zealand Citizens will be eligible to sponsor their parents.
  • Visa applicant's parents must be the biological, adoptive, or step-parent of the sponsor.
  • Visa holders will have no access to Medicare, which will require arrangement of private health insurance.
  • The parents will not be able to work as the visa will have “No Work” condition.
  • It will be a multiple-entry visa and parents will be able to stay for a period of 10 years maximum.
  • No Balance of Family Test will apply (as it does for the PR Parents visas).


It is to be noted that only up to 15,000 sponsored parent (temporary) visas will be granted each year!

The disappointed members of the Indian community in Australia have also launched an online petition pertaining to high cost of this new parent visa!