List of Courses that Open PR Options in Australia

Australia is one of the top and most sought-after nations for international students. Most of the international students enter Australia with the sole motive of permanent residency. While some have a good, rock-solid plan; others just start off their journey without thinking much.

Well, we must tell you that there is no particular course that can guarantee permanent residency in Australia; however, there are certain courses that increase your likelihood of getting PR provided you have relevant experience and have ample PR points. The profession you get into must also be in demand in Australia. In other words, your skill-sets and experience plays a vital role in getting your permanent residency in Australia.

Amidst the hustle of international students running after PR, there are a few courses that can increase your chances of PR. We’ll not be able to tell you the exact course, but the fields that can help you get PR.

Medical and Related Courses

Most of the courses that are related to medical field have huge potential in Australia. The country has a huge and ever-growing demand of medical professionals, right from doctors to nurses and other related professionals.

International students who choose courses related to medical field have higher chances of getting PR once they complete their course successfully. Professionals from other countries who are already qualified may need to enrol into an additional course to come in line with Australian standards. 
In-demand and PR-oriented programs including nursing courses, aged care courses, child care courses, etc. and many such professions are in huge demand in Australia.

International students with education and relevant experience can get PR based on these courses.

IT and Related Programs

There are many courses in the field of information technology that can help the international students get Australian PR.

Cyber security professionals, web developers, app developers and web designers have huge demand in Australia. Students with education and skill-sets in the aforesaid fields are paid handsomely and have good chances of getting Australian PR. Australia is on a growing stage technology-wise and is in need of IT professionals in huge numbers. In fact, various regions have listed multiple IT and related vacancies.

We strongly encourage students to take up IT courses if they wish to secure PR in Australia. Please note that you must have ample PR points to be eligible for permanent residency in Australia when applying for it.

Guaranteed Way to NOT Get Australian PR

Yes, you read that right. Though there are number of courses when combined with relevant experience make you eligible for PR, but there has been a recent trend that is bound to get your PR application rejected.

International students have been seen hopping courses to elongate their stay in Australia. They just keep taking up courses that they reckon are in high demand and can get the PR, forgetting the fact that their PR application considers many other factors than just their education.

Hopping from course to course will only weaken your PR application and may even lead to rejection.

It is highly suggested that students choose and stick to relevant courses and gain experience in the related field. Doing so will make their PR application strong and increase their chances of getting Australian PR.

You must still be confused as to what course you must choose to make your PR pathway easy. Don’t worry; just get in touch with our education agents and get options for courses that may lead to PR in future. Our experienced education agents will give you options based on your previous education, budget and many such factors; it is up to you to choose the course that suits you the best.

So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with our education counsellors to get enrolled in a PR-oriented course and take a step closer to Australian PR!