How Much Does it Cost to Immigrate to Australia from India?

Australia is a beautiful country! It has almost everything to offer that one may ask for.

Australia has been one of the preferred countries for people around the world – for spending holidays, studying, working and even migrating. There’s a big bunch of people who have fallen in love with this country after visiting it.

Affluent tourists who visit Australia often get this idea of settling there; they seldom do, though! Then there are international students whose sole motive is to get PR of this country, well, mostly! Workers, on the other hand, who come to Australia and get skills and experience, tend to settle here; they seek sponsorship and often get it. Many take regional route; some get sponsored by their employers and many file for PR in one of the other way. Furthermore, there is also a segment of people who immigrate based on their professional skills and experience – directly.

Cost to Immigrate from India

We often get asked this – how much does it cost to immigrate to Australia from India? And our answer depends on a lot of factors.

India has been one of the top countries to send students to Australia, and most of these students enter Australia with a prime motive to get PR.

There is no one answer to the above question. The answer, however, depends on “as who” you enter Australia.

The cost to immigrate to Australia may be entirely different for a student and a professional. There are a lot of factors to be considered when calculating cost to migrate.

What’s Your Profile?

No country will give you PR just like that!

Not just anybody and everybody can migrate to Australia, or to any other country for that matter. It depends on who you are, what’s your skill-set, experience and how much are your skills valued (and needed) in Australia.

Even if you are an affluent person who can invest huge amount in Australian economy, you got to have a plan to do it. One cannot just get PR based on their economical health.

Nevertheless, a student visa may be the best bet for you to get PR in Australia. Otherwise, it all comes to factors like your profile, work experience, financial status, etc.

Role of Migration Agent in Helping You Migrate to Australia from India

You migration is the best person who can let you know whether you are eligible to migrate to Australia or not.

If not, the agent will let you know the best possible option to enter Australia and pave the PR pathway thereafter. The options may include entering Australia as a student or a tourist, etc.

If yes, the agent will let you know the correct pathway, documents required, time it may take and the expenses you may incur to migrate to Australia from India. It is a time-consuming process and may require a lot of documentation, including but not limited to your tax information, family information, financial information, background, police check, health check, employment history, travel history, etc.

The agent will also help you file the right kind of visa, through which you’ll be able to get PR in the best and easiest possible way.

Eventually, we would say that the cost to migrate to Australia from India may vary from person to person, and may depend on factors like the visa you are applying, migration agent you are hiring, time taken for processing of application, cost of documentation, family members included in the application, etc.

Your migration agent is one of the best people who can let you know the right average cost to immigrate to Australia from India. It is suggested you hire a registered migration agent (MARA).

We are a team of registered MARA agents and can help you migrate to Australia from India. Please feel free to get in touch with us!