How Automotive Courses Help Get PR in Australia

The automobile industry has changed greatly over the years – from slow-moving carriages to current high-tech vehicles, it has come a long way, and it surely has a long way to go! Transportation has always been one of the important needs of humans, and this is where automotive technology has aided them ever since its inception.

While we all think that automobiles take shape in factories, we may be wrong in assuming so. According to us, automobiles start taking shape in colleges. Only when you learn about automobiles, you go ahead and start creating them. Automobile engineers’ first step to learning is their educational institution. It is the automotive courses that provide technical know-how and skills of automotive technology. Students then go ahead to learn more with practical hands-on experience. Because of the need for more efficient and environment-friendly automotive systems, the scope of automotive programs has manifolded. And it’s because of this need there’s a huge potential global demand for automotive graduates and practitioners.

Why Choose to Study Automotive Courses in Australia?

Australia has been one of the most favourite destinations for international students; in fact, the 3rd most popular, just next to the United States and the United Kingdom. The country boasts of more than 1,100 educational institutions providing about 22,000 specialty educational programs along with best-in-class educational infrastructure. The country has gained recognition in providing world-class education, with seven of its universities ranking in the top 100 universities in the world.

Australia has an end-to-end infrastructure with capabilities to produce a variety of automobiles right from scratch. With advanced technology and capabilities, this industry contributes billions of dollars yearly to Australia’s economy.

A huge number of international students choose different automotive courses because the industry promises consistent growth in the future. With manufacturers slowly switching to battery-operated (or environment-friendly) automobiles, the scope for automobile programs has increased a great deal; and the future is bright. The industry is huge and educational programs are catering to different disciplines. Right from developing and repairing vehicles to seeking ways to improve the existing technology and systems of machines, there lie an array of topics that intersect with expertise from fields like electrical engineering, mechatronics, materials science, etc.

Automotive Educational Programs in Australia

Hundreds of renowned educational institutions offer different programs in the field of automotive technology. Some of the most common courses taken by international students are:

•    Bachelor of Automotive Engineering
•    Bachelor of Industrial Design
•    Certificate II in Automotive Servicing Technology
•    Certificate III in Light Vehicle Mechanical Technology
•    Certificate III in Automotive Body Repair Technology
•    Certificate IV in Automotive Mechanical Diagnosis
•    Diploma of Automotive Technology

There are tons of promising automotive courses offered by various colleges and universities in Australia.

Automotive Industry – Career Prospects and Scope in Australia

The scope is huge and high! While there’s a huge range of options and sectors regarding pursuing automotive diplomas and degrees, the career prospects are huge, too! The automotive graduates can take advantage of the vast career options as motor mechanics, automotive electrician, motorsports mechanic, air conditioner specialist, outdoor power equipment repairer, etc. Moreover, the industry is always on the lookout for skilled personnel for repairing a variety of passenger & commercial vehicles. Major verticals where automotive graduates can be absorbed by employers are: 

•    Manufacturing
•    Sales & distribution
•    Heavy machinery
•    Car dealers

Automotive Courses and PR in Australia

The core idea is to get skilled and experienced in the line of automotive technology. Once you have the necessary qualification and experience, there is no stopping from permanent residency in Australia, as this country welcomes skilled personnel with open arms.

International students with good education and relevant experience are always preferred over students who just hop courses to extend their stay in Australia. Therefore, it is highly suggested to choose the correct PR pathway right from the start; and automotive is one of them.

A MARA agent or an experienced educational counsellor can help the international student in selecting the right course based on their education, interest and financial capability. If you are confused as to what course should you join and wish to know its prospects in Australia, get in touch with us; and we’ll be more than happy to assist you.

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