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Government Imposes New Charge on Businesses for Nominations for Some Permanent and Temporary Visas

Here’s some discouraging news from the Department of Home Affairs, Australia. The Department has introduced a costly new fee for employers. Per this, the Australian federal government has instituted a new government charge on business owners and operators for nominating workers for some migration programs.

Here are the exact notes:

“Introduced with the Migration Amendment (Skilling Australians Fund) Bill 2017, the bill imposes a nomination training contribution charge (to be known as the Skilling Australians Fund levy) on employers nominating workers under the temporary and permanent employer sponsored migration programs.”

For detailed information on this, click the following link. It is also suggested to read the attached Explanatory Memorandum.


Furthermore, the Migration Institute of Australia (MIA) also released information about the Skilling Australians Fund “training contribution charge.” Following subclasses attract the training contribution charge:

  • Subclass 457 Temporary Work Skilled visa holder
  • Subclass 482 Temporary Skill Shortage visa holder or, applicant for this visa
  • Subclass 186 Employer Nomination Scheme visa
  • Subclass 187 Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme visa

For detailed information contribution charge and its calculation, please conatct us!