Everything You Need to Know About Immigration Consultants in Melbourne

Melbourne is one of the prime cities in Australia and is chosen by huge number of international students. The city has number of renowned educational institutions catering to students from different parts of the world. As most of the international students take services of migration consultants to come to Australia and continually require their services during their stay in the country, you’ll find huge number of migration consultants in almost all the prime cities of Australia, namely Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, etc.

Role of Registered Migration Consultants/Agents

The Australian Government has authorized only registered MARA agents to legally represent their clients for all kinds of visa services. A MARA agent generally helps clients file their visa applications in the best way possible, in order to get a positive visa outcome.

As these agents know the Australian migration law inside-out, they are able to assist their clients with visa application, filing, visa renewal and many such services. Migration agents keep themselves updated about the changes in immigration laws of Australia and file applications for their clients accordingly.

Importance of MARA Agent in Filing Your Visa Application

People, in general, have many misconceptions about immigration agents. Though you can file your visa application on your own, but a MARA agent will be able to do it much more professionally for you, for the agent knows the process completely. While there are chances that you may make a mistake in your application or forget to attach an important document, a MARA agent won’t.

Therefore, it is a wiser decision to hire a registered MARA agent for any kind of visa application.

Service Charges of Immigration Consultants

Well, you’ll find the service charges to be fairly consistent for different kinds of visa applications; however, charges may vary from case to case. The consultants generally charge higher in cases of previous visa rejections or inconsistent profile.

While on one end, an experienced consultant may charge higher for simpler service, you may be able to get it done much affordably by another immigration consultant on the other end.

Therefore, it is suggested to consider at least 2-3 immigration consultants if you are looking for a visa service.

Trusted and Renowned Immigration Consultants in Melbourne

Though you’ll find number of registered immigration consultants in Melbourne, Asia Pacific Group is one of the most renowned and trusted amongst all. The company has been operating since 2009 with great track record in positive visa outcomes. With head office in Melbourne and a branch each in Sydney, Adelaide and Reservoir, the company employs more than 10 MARA agents and number of education consultants. Asia Pacific Group provides all kinds of visa services including student visa, tourist visa, partner visa, partner visa, visa extensions along with PTE coaching.

So, if you are looking for any kind of visa service, you may get in touch with Asia Pacific Group.

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