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Common Misconceptions About Immigration Consultants in Australia

If you are an immigrant in Australia, you must have crossed your ways with an agent/consultant, for sure; whether in your home country or after landing in Australia. There are more than 99% chances that your visa application was managed by an agent. Well, there are two kinds of agents one can come across – unregistered and registered (MARA) – and it is always suggested to go with the latter.

There are times that people fall into the traps of unregistered agents and end up losing a lot of money. On the other hand, registered (MARA) agents are absolutely genuine and are authorized by the Australian Government to act as friends for their visa applications.

Well, we are here to clear up some misconceptions that people have about immigration consultants in Australia. All these points will help you get a clear view as to why and how are immigration consultants important to you and how you can find the best one for your case. So, let’s start!

You Can’t Do Without a Migration Consultant

This is one of the biggest misconceptions that the public has, that they must apply for their visa through a migration agent.

The Australian Government has made all the portals very easy and self-explanatory regarding applying for visas. Any and every person can apply for their visa application on their own, without any assistance from any migration consultant/agent. All you need is the right paperwork!

There, nevertheless, is the benefit of hiring a migration agent for he/she knows the application process inside-out and does it on your behalf in less time for a small amount. More importantly, it is all done professionally without any hassle to you! 

Migration Consultants Loot

This is yet another thought that the public has for migration consultants. Only unregistered agents (touts) con and deceive the clients; not the registered ones.

It should be understood that every agent has a different service charge and one can always go with the affordable one. With so much competition in the market, the prices are fairly controlled and definitely worth the service.

Once you hire a migration agent for your visa application, you’ll realize he/she is worth every penny, for all your work will be done professionally and without any hassle.

Your Visa Got Rejected Because of the Migration Consultant

It can’t be! A registered migration agent puts forward your application in the best possible way, including all paperwork, forms, etc. The chances of any mistake are very bleak, and your visa decision doesn’t have much to do with the migration agent.

If your visa got rejected, it may be because of a weaker case. 

It’s Not Beneficial to Go Via a Migration Agent

Well, you have all the right to apply for your visa without a migration agent and you may very well do it perfectly fine, but most people hire a migration consultant because they do not want to make any mistakes. Visa applications are a daily task for migration agents and they do it absolutely professionally. While there are chances that you might make a mistake in your visa application, the chances of a migration agent doing so is highly unlikely. They’ll study your case and put it forward in the best possible manner, thereby increasing of chances of getting a positive outcome.

There’s a reason that most of the applicants prefer filing via a registered agent, for they know the benefits very well.

Well, there are many other doubts, questions and misconceptions that people have regarding hiring migration consultants. Let us tell you that hiring a registered MARA agent for your visa application to/in Australia could be the wisest decision you take.

So, don’t worry; keep your doubts aside and take the services of a registered migration agent!