Can You Apply Australian PR Without Migration Agent?

Most of the international students entering Australia come with sole motive to get PR of this wonderful country. Australia has almost everything that one can ask for.

Whether the individuals come to Australia on student visa, work visa, tourist visa or any other kind, most of them take services of a migration agent.

We get asked a lot whether one can apply for Australian PR without a migration agent, and the answer is simple – YES! Australian Government has made all the provisions and provided all the facilities that allow individuals to file their visa on their own. Clear-cut instructions to file all kinds of visa have been mentioned on the Australian Department of Home Affairs’ website.

Let’s dive a little deeper into the fact that despite all visa provisions and instructions on the website and all support available, why is it that most of the people hire migration agents to file their visas?

Understanding the Importance of MARA Agent

MARA agents are immigration lawyers who are registered and authorized by the Australian Government to act on their clients’ behalf. They are authorized to provide immigration assistance and are up-to-date with current laws and procedures.

As the laws and procedures of immigration keep changing every now and then, the registered agents are required to update their knowledge on the same to stay in practice.

So, in short, MARA agents know the laws and procedures inside-out and are the best people who can assist you with your visa filing.

Investing in a Migration Agent

Consider hiring a migration agent as an investment, not a liability.

Hiring a registered migration agent is only going to benefit you in longer run. There are times one might think hiring an agent as an unnecessary expenditure, but believe us, it is not.

An experienced MARA agent can help you file your case in the best possible way, thereby increasing chances of a positive outcome. The agent can gauge the strength of your case and file visa accordingly. Furthermore, they’ll let you know the best possible category for you.
Therefore, investing in a MARA agent is a wise decision.

Yes, You Can Apply Australian PR Without Migration Agent!

Let’s come to the main discussion – can you apply Australian PR without migration agent?
Yes, you can. As mentioned above, the Department of Home Affairs has made every provision to file your visa on your own.

Here’s the reason most of the people hire migration agent despite the fact they can do it themselves – they don’t want to make any mistake!

A migration agent files tens of cases in a month and is up-to-date with all the changes and procedures happening in the industry. Here lies the difference! As an individual, while you apply PR on your own, you are prone to committing mistakes in the forms, which the migration agent is trained at.

Therefore, it should be right to say that while you can always apply Australian PR, or any visa for that matter, on your own, but it is suggested you hire a registered migration agent for this task.

If you are looking for experienced MARA agents, feel free to get in touch with us.