Are Recent Visa Changes Creating "Permanently Temporary" Migrants in Australia?

The recent changes in visa policies by Australian Government which has made permanent residency a bit “tougher” has raised concerns in minds of temporary residents seeking PR.

The Government’s new Global Talent Visa has made yet-to-get-PR migrants feel edged out as they are concerned that the newer, more stringent rules are making it difficult for them to get PR. In addition to this, the Australia’s permanent immigration intake has been slashed and the Global Talent Scheme has been reserved with 5,000 visa places, making hopes bleaker for immigrants falling under this category.

Under the Government’s migration planning level for the current year, the number of Skilled Independent Visas has been cut down to around 18,000 as compared to 43,000 last year. With 5,000 visa places reserved under the new Global Talent Scheme from this category, the requirements are becoming “nearly impossible” for a lot of applicants.

Number of ICT Analysts and accountants who have lodged their EOI have been waiting to hear from the Immigration Department, but are now losing hope. People who have studied and worked in Australia for years and have gained significant amount of work experience are now feeling left out and “uncounted” by the changes in migration intake.

One can just wait and watch what unfolds in the migration changes that are yet to be announced. We just wish that the one who deserves should get the PR!

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