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5 Application Tips for Canada Study Permit

Canada is one of the most sought-after nations that students from around the world choose for their higher education. The reasons are many – right from world-class educational institutions to great social & working environment and many more!

Pursuing your higher education (after 10+2) from a country like Canada, Australia, U.K. or U.S.A. could be the best decision you ever take for yourself, for it pays off really well over time. Most of the students from around the world take up international education with prime motive of getting permanent residency of a developed nation; and there’s nothing wrong in doing so. Studying in Canada is the second-best way to get a PR of this wonderful country; the first being marrying a Canadian!

If you’ve already made up your mind to pursue higher education in Canada, here are some application tips that can prove to be extremely useful in getting your visa. Stick to these tips and you’ll surely be on your way to the Canadian land!

Hire an Education Consultant

Taking services of an education consultant will make path easier for you. The consultants know the immigration industry inside-out and can apprise you with the courses that are going to be in-demand when you graduate. This is a very precious piece of information that can help you choose the right kind of program.

Furthermore, the consultants can help you with the best possible educational institute that provides the desired program within your budget. They’ll also prove to be helpful with other vital day-to-day information that will come in very handy when you land overseas.

Gather All Documents

It is very important to gather all the relevant documents when applying for study visa to Canada, or any other country for that matter. Make sure all your documents are genuine and in good shape. You may need all the relevant degrees, certificates along with identity documents. Of course, a valid passport is the first requirement!

Statement of Purpose

Your SoP (Statement of Purpose) plays a vital role in getting you the study visa. A lamely-written SoP will not help with your visa application. On the other hand, a detailed and well-written Statement of Purpose carries huge weightage when it comes to getting student visa.

You can take professional assistance, but make sure you write it all in your own words, making it highly convincing. Your education agent should be able to help you with the content of your SoP.

Arrangement of Funds

Education abroad is expensive, and you got to make the best of your (or your parents’) money. Though your education can always be financed through recognized banking institutions, you can always use your own funds if you have them.
Your education agent should be able to tell you the initial amount you’ll need along with day-to-day expenses you’ll incur once overseas.
Make sure you show substantial funds in your bank account(s) to reflect positively for your visa application.
You’ll learn the art of money management once you are in Canada!

Be Confident in Interview

Though it is highly unlikely that you’ll be called for an interview, you must keep yourself ready. Be confident (and cautious) with the information you share with the visa officer. At no point during the interview should the visa officer doubt your intention. Keep it crisp and clear. Do not hesitate to ask for tips from your education consultant.

Hope these tips prove to be helpful in your study visa application to Canada! All the best!