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Mar 12 2017

What not to do while you are in Australia to avoid Deportation ?

Australia is one the most strict countries when it comes to having unlawful non-citizens in their country and  a lot of students coming from overseas make the mistake of not following the rules and regulations of the country they are in and forget that they are not in their own country before breaking laws and get deported.


This is the process of that is used on residents or citizens who are not Australian’s by birth. And you could be deported if:

  • You have been convicted of crime which would include robbery, murder, cultural offence and more. If you have received a prison sentence you would be directly deported with no plea.
  • If you are considered to be a threat to the national security of Australia.
  • If you are found to be abusing the use of drugs and are not compiling to the laws that a student must follow. And are not meeting the certain attendance criteria your student visa could canceled.
  • If you are a mischief-maker and are constantly trying to disrupt the peace and are causing behavioural issues.
  • Producing fake documents not paying taxes on time and trying to live illegally in the country is a serious offence.
  • Creating a bad character while your visa is going for renewal.

Common mistakes students make

  • Making culture related biased comments.
  • Using of vulgar language and assaulting professors’
  • Losing focus from studies
  • Trying illegal jobs to earn quick money
  • Assaulting women who are citizens of Australia

Getting deported

If a deportation order is released by the Australian government you may be arrested depending on the seriousness of the crime without a warrant. For further processing the case would be taken to court.

If you are arrested and imprisoned you would be directly taken from prison to the airport directly. Deportation process will be completed while you are imprisoned. As well as the cost would be barred by you.

Could I appeal ?

You may have the right to appeal for judicial review depending on the seriousness of your crime.