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Feb 08 2017

What has changed in Student visa system for Australia ?

The Australian government has now changed the student visa framework from Streamlined Visa Processing to Simplified Student Visa Framework on 1st July 2016. So, there are a bit changes in the Student Visa System. Let’s see what has changed:

1- From Now the key factors in assessing Immigration risk are the Education Provider & Country of Citizenship:
Earlier under SVP, the students applying to eligible education providers were not assigned any assessment levels and also they were subject to lower evidentiary requirements, regardless of their nationality or from which country they belong.

But now under SSVF, the immigration risk outcomes of education providers is a major factor in determining about evidential necessities.

Also, from now the enrolment with an education provider which has the lowest immigration outcomes will call for a lower evidentiary requirement. Now, similarly, the evidential requirements will be reduced if the applicant is from the country with the lowest immigration risk, irrespective of the immigration risk outcomes of the education provider.

Some Subclasses have been Merged:
The subclasses that existed previously under SVP have now been merged into a single subclass 500 except for the Student Guardian Visa. So, now the applications for different education sectors such as vocational education, higher education, sponsored education or school sector education now come under the same subclass.

Every Education provider is now equally Accessible:
Now, the education providers which were not considered a safe option earlier to get enrolled at are now given an equal chance in a less intricate visa framework. Now, they are also a part of the network of all Australian education providers that could be accessed by anyone willing to come to Australia for higher education, with the provision of same level assessment structure.

No Impact on other Visa Like Graduate Work Visa:
Neither, this change in the student visa system has resulted in any impact on Graduate Work Visa, nor does it affect existing student visa holders. The changes are only applied to student visa applications made after 1st July 2016.

However, these changes has highly resulted in confusion amongst those students who are holding student visas other than SC 500. So, if you need any assistance regarding that you can consult our experts for free without any consultation fee here.