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Mar 25 2017

Visa Processing Time To Be Available Online

With the recent launch of the visa processing time being available for applicants to check it out themselves, the Department of Immigration and Border Protection made an announcement stating that the information will be available online for most visa and citizenship types and could be found on the visa and citizenship page of their website DIBP website, as well as on visa finder.

With the outcome of this people could benefit by the following ways:


  • You can see up-to-date information
  •  This would give you an idea as to how long it will take you and help you plan accordingly.


How does this work?


  • The estimated processing time will be updated regularly to redirect current caseloads at different visa processing locations.
  • There would be two processing times depending on the subclass you have chosen which would probably indicate how long it may take to finalise 75% and 90% of the applications globally.
  • This would completely depend on the supporting documents being that have been submitted with an application.


How can I help in gaining an accurate estimate?


An applicant must lodge a complete application but it is important to know that the actual processing time it may take may vary depending on the individual’s circumstances as well as the right documentation being submitted.


Other things that can affect the time it takes to be accurate


  • It may be affected by the time it takes to receive information from the external parties such as the:
  • Health
  • Character
  • National Security
  • Assurance of Support requirements.

The time taken to process an application may also be affected by:


  • The number of places available in the migration program
  • And if there is an increased number of applications during the peak season.
  • Applications are assessed on a case by case basis and the processing time can vary due to general individual circumstances.



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