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Mar 20 2017

Skill Select Update Australia


The Pro Rata Occupations are likely to be filled by the end of April. So if you haven’t applied yet its best if you do now.

The results for the SkillSelect invitation round for the 15th of March have already been published. Two of the most chosen occupations have filled in during the 15th March round. There were more invitations issued than the number available at the time of selection. And with upcoming updates on the temporary 457 visas the chances of getting jobs are getting tougher in Australia.

The occupations are:

  • Other Engineering Professionals
  • Computer Network Professionals


This is the list of occupations likely to be filled in the next few rounds:

After looking at the number of pro rata occupations list being filled at a fast rate, here are the next occupations that have been expected to fill up:


29th of March

  • ICT Business and System Analysts


12th of April

  • Auditors, Company Secretaries and Corporate Treasurers
  • Accountants
  • Software and Applications Programmers


26th of April

  • Electronics Engineer
  • Industrial, Mechanical and Production Engineers


Can I apply if the occupations have been filled early?



What are the consequences if the occupations fill in too early?


This would increase a backlog of applications that have been lodged by applicants all over the globe. Making it difficult to get through with EOIs through skill Select, and those who apply after that may have to wait for a substantial amount of time to receive the invitation. This would all fall through if the invitations are not issued between April 2017 and July 2017.


How do I increase my chances of getting into the Pro Rata Occupations list?


Here are a few tips that may help you get into the right occupation as well as out beat the competition you are going to be facing:


  • Increase your point score: this will significantly increase your chances and give you a boost when it comes to being a part of the SkillSelect Program.
  • Consider working hard towards multiple fields in other occupations: this could be based on the kind of qualification and experience you already have, or are looking forward to pursuing further studies in a different field.
  • Try other visa types that you may eligible for: you may have a good chance to be eligible if you fit the visa criteria for employer sponsorship or sponsorship by a family member.
  • Getting State Nominated: occupation ceiling do not apply as the same for state nominations, which would increase the chances of you getting into the SkillSelect program with ease if you have the right skill set.


For other and full advice on the migration process, do book a consultancy with our advisors. We  would be pleased to guide or leave us a message at our website user friendly chat box we would be right there to assist you.