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Oct 27 2016

Tiffany LIAN -Education Counsellor (Chinese)


  1. Masters in Industrial Relations and Human Resource, U.K
  2. Master of Accounting, Australia
  3. Teacher Qualification Certificate of P.R. CHINA

Others: PIER: QEAC_L019

Languages: English and Mandarin


Tiffany is a registered education counsellor in PIER with a family background in education and teaching. Tiffany worked as an education counsellor in Melbourne, Australia. She was mainly responsible for education counselling and liaising with education institution including admission for junior/high school/TAFE/College/University international students, overseas study tour coordinator, Sister schools program organiser, etc.

With her diverse life and work experiences gained in Australia and overseas, Tiffany offers counselling services to the Chinese onshore and offshore students in Asia Pacific Group. She is experienced in assisting clients with enrolment, transfer and discontinue institutions in Australia, ensuring the intuition and the course are right for the client based on the student’ s experience, English level and previous qualifications. Besides, she is also responsible for the marketing and management in Chinese market.