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Oct 27 2016

Sumandeep Kaur -IELTS Trainer and a Backend Team Leader -india


Sumandeep is a dedicated team member who works to ensures that no work is left undone.

A Multi tasking in nature, she single handedly handles all the complex and tiresome backed data work, and never has she missed an entry that required quality check.

A quality analyst who pin-points even the slightest errors and I am sure that even the PC is afraid to present any mistakes in front of her.

A job allotted to Suman is simply considered to be done as never has she even touched the deadlines for presenting any task
She is also our IELTS trainer and enjoys teaching student which gives her the utmost job satisfaction.

Her teaching techniques, the “IELTS MANTRAS and FUNDAS” are the real force behind our student visa success. Her prime focus is to identify the weakness in a student and to turn it in their greatest strength.

An ambitious personality who dreams of running her own IELTS centre one day, where the motto would be to “Teach” and not just to earn. Such employees are very rare in organization and we are lucky to have her services.

I am sure if you looking for an efficient mentor for IELTS training, Sumandeep Kaur is the name you should hunt for.