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Oct 26 2016

Rishabh Sood-Branch Manager-india


Rishabh has completed a dual MBA in Marketing and Operations. He joined Asia Pacific Group in 2016, prior to this he had been working in immigration and education field. With the broad knowledge and wealth of experience, he quickly became one of Asia Pacific Group branch managers.

His vision is to take Asia Pacific to such a platform wherein the company would simply be recognized by its ethical work culture, multi-lingual staff, customer-oriented service approach and transparent advice.

He believes in living life King Size.

A personality that best matches with the word “Quality”. Quality is what he seeks and delivers.

Rishabh mainly takes part in branding, promotion, and adding quality subagent network and is actively engaged in generating quality leads for the organisation though a wide channel of agents. He provides supports to our team when needed and kindly assist everyone with their enquiries.

Rishabh enjoys handling complex and unique problems with positive mindset and professional manner and takes care of Employee hiring and retentions, marketing aspects, operations work flow and monitor sales activities and make sure that every client is guided in an ethical manner. Efficiently deals with sub-agents and ensures Public relations. This makes him an enthusiastic team leader with a charming personality and good sense of humour.